Franzoni Gian Mauro & C.
company on the market since 1951 with socks and tights’ production made with cotton and wool, over the years turns from small family-run laboratory in a modern and solid manufacturing.
The wise management in keeping pace with the evolution of market trends and technologies, always respecting its traditions of professional quality and reliability, consolidates the growing success and the socks collections for women men and children creation.
Thus, not only expands on commercially but also with regard to structures: its historic production facility located in Botticino adds a new functional and operational headquarters in Rezzato.
For over 20 years is operating with great success in “PRIVATE LABEL“ field , a market particularly demanding in terms of quality and management, contextually with its brands “FRANZ“ and “CALZAMODA“. Franzoni Gian Mauro & C. companyis busy creating hats and scarfs made with wool.