Wool is the most widespread animal fiber and is obtained from the fleece of various sheep breeds            (the most famous is the merinos  sheep), bred in Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, South Africa.

There are many varieties that can be classified according to fineness, length, color, softness and shine.

Each thread also has a title that is given by the relationship between length and weight: the higher the title, the finer the yarn.

Thanks   to   its   structure  and  to  the  dense  crimping  of  the  fibers  it  has various qualities like  hygroscopic  (absorbs humidity by up to 18/25%), insulation (strong thermal protection), elasticity, resistance to wear and flame, bending and is able to  lose the unsightly folds.

We use extra fine merino wools with "mulesing free" certification, which guarantees that the raw materials from tosa come from farms that respect the sanitary conditions, environmental conditions of life, feeding and tosa of the animals themselves.