COTTON/POLYESTER (50% recycled cotton and 50% recycled polyester)

COTTON/MODAL (65% Lenzing Modal 35% recycled cotton)

Yarns produced according to a fully traceable and made in Italy production cycle that uses 100% pre-dyed fabric cuttings and transforms them into high quality yarns and high added value.
Their molecular structure is such as to make the products that contain them fresh in summer and warm in winter.

In recycled cotton there is no new cotton fiber (to be imported and processed) which means elimination of many production phases with an important reduction in consumption of water, energy, pesticides (in the case of conventional cotton), fertilizers and fuels, suffice think that to dye a kg. of cotton yarn 112 liters of water are used and on average consumed 8.95 kw of electricity, moreover the disposal of these cuttings in the incinerators of public landfills is eliminated.

Our products, socks and tights are made with recycled cotton polyester yarn in vanisè with recycled elastomer, therefore totally eco-friendly.