Newlife ™

Newlife ™ is a unique, complete and certified system of continuous threads of recycled polyester derived 100% from post-consumer plastic bottles collected and processed entirely in Italy, starting from the polymer, obtained through a mechanical and non-chemical process, up to get to the production of the fiber, by means of exclusive local productive partnerships.
The mechanical process, taking advantage of temperature variations, allows to eliminate all the chemical substances normally used during the various textile spinning processes great advantage in environmental terms.
The use of recycled polyester that requires less processing processes allows a lower use of electricity and a considerable reduction in CO2 emissions
The dyeing carried out during the spinning process allows a water saving of 10 liters per KG of fiber.
New Life is 100% traceable
Newlife is a fiber certified OekoTex100, Global Recycle Standard, Plastic Second Life.
The characteristics of the fabric
• Fast drying
•Thermal insulation
• Anti bacterial
• Breathable
• Odor control
• Durability
• Resistant to washing
It is possible to use tags or stickers of the logo through a special request