No waste. No new resources. Just endless possibilities.

Econyl is a regenerated nylon fiber  derived from the regeneration of polymers of plastic materials recovered: fishing nets, nylon household carpets, industrial plastic waste, textile waste used by the textile industry.

ECONYL® is a regenerable plastic waste recovery program that works internationally: United States, Egypt, Greece, Pakistan, Thailand, Norway and Turkey.
Born thanks to the collaboration with the organization Healthy Seas - where SUB volunteers are responsible for recovering plastic waste in the oceans especially fishing nets abandoned or lost by fishing boats on the seabed.

The abandoned fishing nets cause thousands of victims among various animal species, especially turtles that get caught up in the nets are no longer able to return to the surface to breathe
Plastic forms real islands floating in the oceans around the world, contributes to destroying our ecosystem and is one of the main causes of environmental pollution that afflicts our land.

Econyl is supported by textile certifications such as Oeko Tex Standard 100 and compliance with the REACH Regulation

The production plants, the exploited energies, the chemical substances used in the Econyl processing processes, are guaranteed by the control bodies responsible for issuing the certifications

The entire Econyl production cycle
1. waste recovery
2. Washing
3. Depolymerization
4. Polymerization
5. Transformation
6. Marketing
 it is environmentally friendly
One of the advantages of Econyl is that it can be regenerated an infinite number of times without losing quality
The Econyl fabric gives a pleasant sensation on the skin, it is breathable, antibacterial, hypoallergenic, resistant and dries quickly
Buying a product in Econyl is equivalent to buying a high quality and long lasting product.