Q-NOVA® is a recycled and environmentally sustainable nylon 6,6 fiber obtained exclusively from recycled raw materials, according to the criteria and requirements of modern traceability.
It consists of waste materials from the company's main production cycle (99% of the fiber) that could not be re-used in any other way and should be disposed of externally as waste.
Q-NOVA® uses the innovative MCS process a mechanical regeneration system at KM 0, which does not require the use of chemical materials that would compromise the sustainability of the final product.
Certified and tracked by the Global Recycle Standard system, by the European ECOLABEL EU system as well as by the OEKO-TEX STD 100 CLASS I system, certifications are a guarantee of the fiber.
The advantage in terms of lower emissions and water consumption have been measured according to the European method LCA - ISO 14040 and ISO 14044. Q-NOVA® allows to reduce emissions by about 80% of CO2 eq and 90% of LT of water per kg of product compared to a textured polyamide yarn derived from virgin polymer.
Q-NOVA® falls within the Polyamide (PA) product category and we can mention the recycled feature of Q-NOVA® and / or the performances on packaging or informative material indicating the% and the commercial name of the product.
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Nella foto: Rifiuto di nylon 6,6