Active Panty becomes SLIMTaf!!! At the end of a long journey, the project of which we had talked about, Active Panty finally becomes THE NEW LINE SLIMTaf. Sedentary and stressful lifestyle, fast food and time pressure, gives little space for personal body care . We have designed a really effective remedy against cellulite in collaboration with a consortium of researchers from the cosmetics industry. And here comes the collection SLIMTaf, an innovative line of slimming garments, designed for all women who wish to eliminate those pesky fat deposits and unsightly orange peel effect. No more inconvenient and oppressive restrictive girdles, creams, gels and pills miraculous! This line of anticellulite products is the only now made of soft natural cotton ;can be worn every day in every moment of the day, is versatile in every occasion, from sports to leisure, under clothing or as complementary fashion. The slimming action is always 100% effective because it is constantly reactivated with convenient packets. Excellent remedy for cellulite SLIMTaf gives sinuous and remodeled legs, improves firmness and elasticity, giving relief to the feeling of heaviness and tiredness. A unique and innovative snelling product , thanks to active TAF, developed, tested and certified by specialized laboratories. The active ingredients in the mix are among the most effective against cellulite: - SLIM EXCESS: inhibitor of lipogenesis, activates lipolysis. - L-CARNITINE: used to convert fat into energy - CAFFEINE: used for the treatment of cellulite and localized fat deposits, with catabolic effects on adipocytes - ESCINA: anti-inflammatory, vasoprotective and vasoconstrictor. - STEM CELLS OF CENTELLA: anti-inflammatory and healing properties, is one of the more effective anti-cellulite active in the world of commodities. Simply wear leggings cellulite SLIMTAF consistently for 42 days, 8 hours a day to see the results. On contact with skin, the soft tissue of SLIMTAF gradually releases the assets contained therein for a deep anti-cellulite action. More details on www. We are also on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, You Tube